Go west

The week of October 5 2015 has been an interesting one. While attending a customer site in Vancouver, I had the pleasure of staying at the quaint Sylvia Hotel.


Anybody who has stayed at the Sylvia knows how quaint it is, and unfortunately it’s getting a little too much so. Regardless, it’s right across the street from English Bay, there are always a zillion people on the beach and along the sea wall, and there’s always ships anchored on the bay, and there’s always some annoying person who is sailing by, a fact made even more annoying when we’ve already put our boats away.

The operative expression here is “I hate the guy”, but that’s sexist, inconsiderate and rude.

Heck, if you wanted to pay that much for moorage, you too could sail every day of the year.


This time, there was a whale in the bay, a nice sunset, and some lovely shots of the leaves turning. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


DSC00295Here is the Sylvia Hotel in relief with the vines all turning.








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