Picture this

Pictures should not be subject to much more than a small crop, and a resize to make them more presentable on forums like this. We’re funny that way. Taking the time to properly frame a subject, ensure that the lighting and shadows are acceptable, and the content is something that might be of interest is, and should be, more than enough. Personally, I don’t have Photoshop, and wouldn’t strive to get that “perfectly bronzed, blemish free” look that would make the shot suitable for the masses at the check out line in your local groceteria.

That said, There are a number of websites that cater to manipulation of shots in such a way as to make them great for mastheads and accents.


This is one of them, and here are a number of pictures that have been touched in this software.

Here’s the original:


And here’s a HDR rendition with all the sliders at the right. It almost has a watercolour effect.

DSC04547 a copy.JPGHere’s the same shot with the coloured pencil effect. I could never draw that well in school!

DSC04547 copy.JPGHere’s the screenshot from the Mac of Marvin’s Revenge in Selby Cove on Prevost Island

Marvin's Revenge in Selby cove copyAnd the coloured pencil effect

Marvin's Revenge in Selby cove a copy.pngThese are obviously touched pictures and there’s no mistaking that it was done intentionally. It’s an interesting way to get backgrounds for videos or blog posts without copying something on the net or spending hours and hours working on a picture. These took all of 5 minutes to generate.













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