Submarine cable

The dinghy guys have all the fun.

Part of the top down solution is to get the Ronstan anti-torsion rope to be as tight as possible (without wrecking it) so that the torque applied at the drum on the bottom will spin the drum at the top, and the sail will furl nicely. Having a nicely powder coated end on the pole precludes having a nice stainless snap shackle banging into it, or otherwise marring the finish and the solution was found at BoatCraft. There’s these nice little line stoppers that the dinghy guys use to act as preventers. If you splice a loop in the line, cover the splice with a little piece of 2 part heat shrink, the stuff with the glue inside, and jam the ball on to that, you get a nice assembly that will only allow the line to go in so far.

Here’s what the finished product looks like:

Pole EndPole end 1Here’s the kite tacked to the line:

IMG_0528 copySince we ran out of time to get the spinnaker crane issue sorted out before the boats came out (where the heck did the summer go?) there wasn’t really much testing if the kite. It did work ok a couple of times, but the Marlow line was attached to the factory halyard, and the block interfered with the top of the Schaefer furler, and that would have been messy if it bound, so we elected to wait. There’s a plan afoot to extend the existing crane attachment out 6 inches and run another halyard.

That said, the couple of tests where the furlers didn’t touch each other resulted in a great set of the sail and an nice even wrap when it got put away. It’s November here in the great white north, and it hasn’t even snowed yet, but the water is crusting over and it’s rumored to get cold starting tonight. sigh.



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