Grey day


The bottom was sanded. What started out being 80 grit, literally burned through the bearings of the little sander in a couple of days, and wasn’t accomplishing much except to make a heck of a mess.


Armed with another new sander, and a couple of bulk packs of 6o grit, the paint came off lickety split, with hardly any impact to the gel coat. The keel, however, was a totally different story, it was anything but smooth, the finish looked more like cheesecloth with pockets of blue, fairly deep and everywhere. There were patches of lead too, and it looked like it had been sanded.


Having got it as clean as possible, and a trip through the wash bay left it ready to clean the waterline and finish sanding the spots under the pads and the curves that the sander couldn’t get to.


The keel took almost a gallon of acetone to dissolve all the blue bits, and after experimenting with a coat of gel, I elected to just put ip2000e on and see how it laid down. As it turned out, it was a good decision (guess) and it came out fine. I put a few extra coats on it, so there’s probably too much, but at least now it’s smooth.


One more coat of white, spread the can of Micron CSC and time to float.


I dunno, what do you think?

DSC00437 copy




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