Drive on

July long weekend 2017. Once again we were very late getting operational, and it was July before a sail got hoisted.

IMG_0160 copy

The recut genny performed beautifully, the sail shape is way better now that the leech tape doesn’t weigh 100 lbs. Some spreader patches got added as well, as there was a little wear starting to happen. This shot is in about 6kts of breeze, and previously, there was no way to get the sail to sit that well.

The 3:1/6:1 blocks are great, and the traveler upgrade from Garhauer is nothing short of awesome. I can park the boom right on the centerline and get a decent sail shape without the bag by the mast that seemed to always be there. In fact, as I write this, last weekend, we absolutely smoked a little Beneteau with a code 0, reaching a speed record of 7.2 in 12kts true. I’ve never seen this boat go that fast, and what was really impressive to me, is that I’m jumping up and down about it and the admiral is relaxing and doing her word search. In the old days, if the Mac could be persuaded to go that fast off the trailer, it would be on it’s ass and you’d be hanging on to the rubrail it was so far over. The 270 was about 5 degrees over. This is cool stuff.

IMG_0163 copy

Here’s the kite on it’s furler, tucked in front of the full rig. Anything more than about 6kts of breeze and it wants to unroll, so it wont be left up. This shot is pure laziness.

Now I’m looking at material to maybe do the foot of the sail, and cut out the bolt rope and add a piece to be the scoop you see in loose foot mains. With the little TechSew it wouldn’t be too hard, and the results might be interesting.

What you see here, in the interim, is a 24″ loop of Dy-something-or-other that I ordered from SailRite on the clew of the sail. There’s 2″ webbing on each side so that it’s infinitely adjustable, and the clew slides like greased butter now. Adjusting the out haul is so freakin’ easy now, even with all the legacy block junk still in the boom. That’s coming out in the fall.

The sail, an unmodified fixed foot item, no longer has any of that bolt rope shape in the lower third. It took a very careful combination of halyard and out haul and trim and vang to get the sail to look something like a sail over it’s entire shape. Now, the lower third of the sail that was always a bit baggy, has a much better shape that transcends itself up into the middle of the sail. If the bot rope goes away, and the foot gets extended below the boom, I’ll wager it’ll be even better.



Andre had the “cutter rig” operational, his new crane works well too for the code 0. It’s amazing how many sprits there are on the north shore of this lake!


And there was even a Mr Bill sighting.


Now that the spinnaker crane has extended the top down block clear of the forstay, the kite is finally useable. In a 7kt breeze,  the kite stayed rolled up while the genny was out. I don’t think I’d leave it up in any more wind, it’s got a knack for catching an edge and wanting to unroll.  Andre was testing the “sailcam”, we both have attachments for the little GoPro like cameras at the top of the mast, and here’s some video from that.


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