This page is a repository for information about sailing, and the Catalina 270 specifically. The coolest thing about it is a complete lack of links to a place to post “look at me drinking beer” pictures, and another place that makes you say really, really wordy things in 140 characters and repeat, endlessly, things that have been endlessly repeated. In 140 characters or less.

There are, thankfully a couple of places to look at:

David’s page about similar activities on Lake Tahoe is at:


Real time lake updates available from the Wabamun Sailing club webcam used to be at this address. I’m leaving the address up in the case that they get the ISP issues sorted out and the address remains the same. If not, how can we send people real time video of us sailing?


And from a lady who we’ve never met, because she’s upside down, and we know what happens when you sail upside down, but it seems to work down under:


One of our other favorite views on the world is:


Which is the view west onto English Bay over the Burrard Bridge with North Vancouver trailing off to the west and Bowen Island standing there. Vancouver Island is almost never visible, but still very much there in the distance. The shot is a great weather forecast!


Or for those of you remotely interested in cruise ships, here’s the Canada place webcam






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  1. Hoping to get in touch… I had a Catalina 27 many years ago. Was new, we picked it up at the factory. Your pictures reminded me that I also tailored mine – without a hoist! Kept the boat on a lake and then took it up to Stockton Calif every summer to go San Francisco Bay via the San Joaquin River.

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